Garage Blaze: Rapid Response Averts Property Damage

Firefighters successfully contained a large garage inferno, acting promptly to prevent its rapid spread to neighboring properties. Nighttime Blaze at Commercial Unit In the late hours of Monday, a blazing fire erupted shortly before 22:00 BST at a commercial establishment located on Old Mill Road in Hendon, Sunderland. Immediate Arrival with Intensified Efforts Within a […]

Firefighter Issues: Protect Your Dogs from Overheating

As temperatures soar into the high 80s, the concern for our furry friends becomes critical. On Monday, July 24, 2023, Lt. Chris Graham of the Beckley Fire Department sounded a Firefighter Issues, emphasizing the dangers of overheating for dogs. Understanding Canine Cooling Mechanism Lt. Chris Graham offered valuable insights into how dogs regulate their body […]

Snowy Deployment: Firefighters Return in Perisher Valley

Firefighters Karen Scifleet and Geoff Lehman, hailing from the NSW Fire and Rescue in Broken Hill, recently completed a six-week assignment at the Perisher Valley Fire Station in New South Wales. This unusual winter deployment aimed to support the local fire team, allowing regular station workers to take up roles during the snowy season. Providing […]

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