Rochester Firefighter Faces Child Pornography Charges


Rochester firefighter Brett Marrapese appeared in federal court facing serious charges related to child pornography. U.S. Marshals led him into the court, where he is accused of uploading explicit content using an IP address associated with the Rochester Fire Department. The allegations include multiple counts of producing, distributing, receiving, and possessing child pornography. The firefighter has been suspended without pay from the Rochester Fire Department since the charges came to light.

Details of the Case:

Federal prosecutor Kyle Rossi presented new evidence to Marrapese’s newly appointed public defender, which includes forensic analyses and search warrants for suspected social media profiles linked to Marrapese. The FBI has identified at least 110 minors with whom Marrapese allegedly communicated. Further investigation revealed that over 1,500 images and videos of child pornography were found on his cell phone.

Ongoing Investigation and Support for Victims:

In June, the FBI stated that they were still working on identifying. They are locating the children depicted in the explicit material found in Marrapese’s possession. While the Bivona Child Advocacy Center, which offers support for children and caregivers, cannot comment on ongoing cases, they remain ready to assist in such situations. Anyone worried approximately the protection of a infant is recommended to touch the Bivona Child Advocacy Center. The U.S. Attorney’s Office also urges anyone with information about Marrapese to contact the FBI.

Legal Proceedings:

Marrapese is presently being held withinside the Monroe County Jail pending a detention hearing. He is facing serious charges related to child pornography and is scheduled to return to court in September.


The allegations against the Rochester firefighter are grave and involve serious charges related to child pornography. As the legal proceedings continue, law enforcement authorities are urging anyone with information about the case or potential victims to come forward. The case highlights the importance of protecting minors from exploitation and the need for strict measures to address crimes related to child pornography.

Rochester Firefighter Faces Child Pornography Charges
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