Memory of a Dedicated Firefighter


Inland Empire students came together to honor the memory of a dedicated firefighter and complete a sentimental project after his passing. Calfire Capt. Shane Porter, who valiantly served Riverside County, spent precious moments in his garage alongside his sons, Michael and Tim, restoring a cherished 1969 Jeepster Commando. However, Shane’s untimely death in 2022 left the family project unfinished and uncertain. But destiny had a exceptional plan.

A Bonding Journey through Restoration

Shane Porter’s dream of bonding with his sons over the restoration of the Jeepster Commando became a heartfelt endeavor. Diagnosed with bladder cancer in the early 2000s, Shane was acutely aware of the value of time and determined to create lasting memories with his family. He defied medical expectations, spending over 12 years actively working on the project with his children, leaving behind beautiful memories etched in their hearts.

Uncertain Times After Loss

In the aftermath of Shane’s passing, the Porter family faced uncertainty about the fate of the beloved Jeepster Commando. However, their outlook changed when Bob Mauger, a close family friend and an automotive instructor at Corona High School, offered his helping hand. Upon seeing the unfinished vehicle in the garage, Bob was moved by the story of Shane’s dedication to the project and decided to rally his students to complete the restoration as a tribute to their late friend.

The Gift of Dedication

Bob Mauger recounted the inspiring story to his students at Corona High School, who were eager to embrace the challenge. The passion of the Porter family and the significance of their project touched the hearts of these young automotive enthusiasts, igniting their determination to honor Shane’s memory through their craftsmanship.

Embracing Challenges, Surpassing Hurdles

However, the road to fulfilling Shane’s dream was not without obstacles. The students faced a series of challenges that tested their skills and resourcefulness. Undeterred, they persevered through every setback, knowing that their efforts would mean the world to the grieving Porter family.

A Journey of Collaboration

Collaboration and teamwork played a vital role in the restoration project. The students, under Bob Mauger’s expert guidance, pooled their talents and brainstormed creative solutions. Their unity was a testament to the power of collective determination and the fulfillment of a shared vision.

Crafting Memories, Preserving Legacies

Every turn of the wrench, every stroke of the paintbrush, and every shared laugh held a profound meaning. The restoration process not only breathed life back into the Jeepster Commando but also rejuvenated the spirits of the grieving family. Memories of Shane’s enthusiasm and dedication resonated in every lovingly crafted detail.

A Dream Come True

As the project neared completion, the excitement and anticipation grew. For the Porter family, witnessing the realization of Shane’s dream was an emotional experience. They were overwhelmed with gratitude for the students’ selflessness and determination to make their father’s dream come true.

The Heartwarming Reveal

The day of the Jeepster Commando’s grand reveal arrived, and emotions ran high because of the memory. The students and the Porter family stood in awe, gazing at the meticulously restored vehicle before them. It was a symbol of love, dedication, and the enduring legacy of a brave firefighter who touched the lives of many.

A Lasting Impact

The restoration project not only united a grieving family but also left an indelible mark on the students involved. They realized the profound impact of their skills and passions, recognizing that their talents could bring joy and solace to others in times of need.


The heartwarming story of the memory of Porter family’s project car restoration is a testament to the power of love, collaboration, and dedication. Thanks to the unwavering commitment of Corona High School students, Capt. Shane Porter’s dream of bonding with his sons over the Jeepster Commando was fulfilled beyond imagination. This beautiful journey reminds us that even in the face of loss. The human spirit can triumph and leave a legacy that continues to inspire others for generations to come.

Memory of a Dedicated Firefighter
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