Lebanon Mourns Loss of Selfless Volunteer


The Lebanon Volunteer Fire Department is grieving the loss of one of its cherished members, Michael Dumond. He passed away at the age of 35 after battling cancer for almost a year. Michael, lovingly known as “the Dumonator,” was a dedicated firefighter for 17 years. He is serving the community with unwavering commitment and selflessness. Despite facing a learning disability, the fire department embraced Michael. They are providing him with training and support, and he passionately devoted himself to his role as a firefighter.

A Devastating Loss:

Chief Jay Schall expressed the profound grief within the department, describing Michael’s passing as a devastating blow to the tight-knit firefighter family. Colleagues and friends are determine to honor his legacy and pay tribute to his selfless service.

A Loving Family Man:

Michael is survived by his loving parents, two siblings, and a cherished niece. Above all else, he cherished being an uncle, and his family attests that being a firefighter was second only to this role in his heart.

The Epitome of a Volunteer:

Michael’s father, Ronald Dumond, praised his son as the epitome of a volunteer firefighter, driven by genuine passion and a pure heart. He embraced his role without any hidden agendas, and his love for firefighting was evident to everyone who knew him.

Overcoming Challenges with Support:

Despite facing a learning disability, Michael found a supportive community within the fire department that welcomed and trained him. The fire service became his passion and brought immense joy to his life.

A Proud Firefighter’s Legacy:

Michael’s enthusiasm for firefighting was evident in how he introduced himself to others, proudly stating that he was a firefighter in Lebanon. His dedication, spirit, and selflessness have left an indelible mark on the hearthplace branch and the network he served.


The Lebanon Volunteer Fire Department is mourning the loss of Michael Dumond, a dedicated and selfless firefighter who touched the lives of many. His passion, commitment, and love for serving the community as a firefighter will forever be remembered and cherished. His legacy will continue to inspire and serve as a shining example of the true spirit of volunteerism.

Lebanon Mourns Loss of Selfless Volunteer
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