Lahaina Fire Looked Like Armageddon


The wind-whipped wildfire that engulfed the town of Lahaina on Maui, resulting in the deadliest wildfire in modern US history, was described as resembling “Armageddon” by firefighter Aina Kohler. The wildfire, fueled by strong winds, devastated the town and resulted in significant loss of life and property. Kohler, who was on duty during the fire, highlighted the challenges faced by firefighters, including a lack of water resources due to the island’s limited supply.

Challenges Faced

Aina Kohler and her husband, fellow firefighter Jonny Varona, both experienced the fire’s impact firsthand. Their domestic turned into some of the heaps misplaced withinside the fire. Kohler explained that the fast-paced nature of the fire and the extremely high winds made it difficult to control. Furthermore, the fire occurred at a time when resources were stretched due to another wildfire on the island.

Impact of the Fire

As the wildfire raged through Lahaina, Kohler’s focus was on finding ways to contain and stop its progression. The fire resulted in chaos, with people running for their lives, being rescued, and power lines already down before the fire. The strong winds were a significant factor, exacerbated by Hurricane Dora passing south of Hawaii.

Water Shortage

One of the challenges faced by firefighters was a shortage of water, a critical resource in firefighting efforts. Kohler mentioned that they ran out of water during the firefighting process. She speculated that the fire’s destruction of homes might have affected water pressure and supply, contributing to the shortage.

Response and Resilience

Despite the challenges and devastation caused by the fire, Kohler emphasizes the importance of focusing on the positive and staying resilient. The network got here collectively to help each other withinside the aftermath of the disaster.


The Lahaina fire serves as a sobering reminder of the challenges faced by firefighters during wildfires, particularly in regions with limited resources and extreme weather conditions. The experience of Aina Kohler and her husband highlights the courage and dedication of firefighters in the face of such disasters.

Lahaina Fire Looked Like Armageddon
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