Garage Blaze: Rapid Response Averts Property Damage


Firefighters successfully contained a large garage inferno, acting promptly to prevent its rapid spread to neighboring properties.

Nighttime Blaze at Commercial Unit

In the late hours of Monday, a blazing fire erupted shortly before 22:00 BST at a commercial establishment located on Old Mill Road in Hendon, Sunderland.

Immediate Arrival with Intensified Efforts

Within a mere five minutes, the initial firefighting teams arrived at the scene. However, due to the sheer intensity of the flames, they swiftly called for reinforcements from Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue.

Uninhabited Garage Sustains Damage

The fire, which engulfed a commercial garage, occurred when no personnel were present within the premises. Nevertheless, the site bore the brunt of significant damage.

Swift and Effective Leadership

Heading the response, Group Manager Shaun Makin highlighted the gravity of the situation, emphasizing how the conflagration rapidly expanded. The illumination challenges posed by the blaze were particularly noteworthy for the firefighters in action.

“It was of paramount importance that our reaction was swift. I had a firsthand glimpse of the remarkable pace at which our fire control team and on-ground firefighters collaborated to gain control over the incident. Their concerted efforts successfully curtailed the fire’s advancement, thwarting its encroachment onto nearby properties,” noted Group Manager Makin.

Probe into Accidental Origins

Ascertaining the origins of the fire will necessitate an in-depth investigation. Northumbria Police, regarding the blaze as accidental, are poised to launch an inquiry into its causes.

Efficient Emergency Services Quell Blaze

Swift and adept responses from the emergency services resulted in the fire being extinguished within a brief period. A representative from Northumbria Police expressed gratitude for the absence of casualties, stating, “Thankfully, there were no reported injuries.”


The skillful and timely intervention of the firefighters, backed by efficient coordination and prompt decision-making, prevented what could have been a disastrous escalation of the blaze. The incident serves as a reminder of the unwavering dedication of emergency responders in safeguarding both lives and property.

Garage Blaze: Rapid Response Averts Property Damage
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