Firefighter Airlifted to Hospital After Truck Rollover

Firefighter Airlifted

The Newell Road Fire in southern Washington has posed significant challenges for firefighter airlifted. It rapidly expands to nearly 60,000 acres, with containment at around 20%. Amidst the battle against the flames, a firefighter was injure when his water tender truck roll over. It is necessitating immediate medical attention. The fire continues to grow due to wind-driven conditions, prompting evacuation orders and raising concerns for residents in the affected areas.

Firefighter Injured in Rollover Incident:

During the course of firefighting operations, a firefighter was involved in a rollover incident with his water tender truck. However, The injured firefighter was treated at the scene, but due to the seriousness of the injuries, he was airlifted to a hospital by helicopter ambulance for further medical treatment. As of now, there has been no update on his current condition.

Fire Continues to Spread, Evacuation Orders Expanded:

Despite the efforts of firefighters, the Newell Road Fire continues to spread, encompassing an area of nearly 60,000 acres. The U.S. Forest Service has managed to contain about 20% of the fire. As a result of the ongoing blaze, evacuation orders have been expand to ensure the safety of residents in the vicinity. The fire has been identify on Dot Road, causing evacuation levels to rise for residents of Bickleton, who are advise to evacuate to the north and east.

Monitoring Evacuation Orders and Providing Shelter:

To keep residents informed and safe, the Klickitat Department of Emergency Management is providing updates on evacuation orders through their Facebook page. In response to the growing number of displaced individuals, the Red Cross has established shelters at Goldendale and Grandview Middle Schools, offering refuge for those forced to leave their homes.

Fire’s Origin and Ongoing Investigation:

The Newell Road Fire was first reported on Friday, but its cause remains unknown. Investigators are actively working to determine the origin of the fire and the factors contributing to its rapid spread.


The Newell Road Fire has presented formidable challenges to firefighters in southern Washington, with its substantial size and ongoing growth. The unfortunate incident involving the injured firefighter highlights the dangers faced by those battling the blaze. As evacuation orders expand and residents seek shelter. It authorities are commit to managing the fire’s impact and uncovering the cause behind this devastating natural disaster.

Firefighter Airlifted to Hospital After Truck Rollover
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